The Project Department handles the turnkey project including mechanical and electrical installation works for compressed air system. The Department will provide consultation to ensure the system is being installed at its best efficient way. The department also handles the local authority approval for compressed air system.
The Project Department also specializes in Oil & Gas packaging. The Department packages the air compressor to meets the Customer specification such as the stringent specification for Oil & Gas Customer. The air compressor will undergo a series of tests complete with certificate to ensure the quality is met.

The Project Department also specializes in the packaging of the air treatment consist of dryer and filters to meet the ISO standard of air quality.

The Project Department can also special package the equipments to meet the hazardous area such as Zone II and other area.

Exceptional Value
Ultimate Reliability
Maximum Uptime
Fewer Connections

Ultimate Efficiency
More Air For Your Money
Smart, Energy Efficient Control
Energy Efficient

Ultimate Flexibility
Compact Footprint Design
Installation Close To Point-of-Use

Ultimate Productivity
Closely Maintained Pressure

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